Does Your Heart Need a Make-Over?

Is it time for a heart makeover? You make changes to your hair and your style, but what are you doing for your heart? There is no time like the present when it comes to heart healthy living!

Time is Muscle!: Build Your Heart Strong To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attacks

Your heart is a muscle. It needs time, effort, and training to avert disease and reduce your risk of a heart attack!

You exercise to get strong, but you should also work to make your heart strong as well! Your heart is a muscle and needs consistent work to stay strong and healthy. You can benefit from as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day. A heart specific benefit to light exercise is increased artery and blood vessel flexibility which helps prevent hypertension and high-cholesterol levels.

American Heart Month: February is Dedicated to Taking Care of Your Heart

February celebrates American Heart Month. This is a time to focus on the dangers of heart disease and what you can do to stay heart healthy!

The Top 8 Nutrients Missing from Your Diet

As our food becomes increasingly processed, it is difficult to guarantee that you are getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals from your diet. Studies show that the following nutrients are commonly low in the average American diet, which may be triggering health issues or diminishing quality of life.


How Women and Men Treat Health Differently

Men and Women are built differently, so their bodies have different needs. There are different tendencies, genetic factors, and lifestyle choices that are noticeable when seeing the difference between how men and women treat their healthcare.

Being Proactive:

It may be due to stereotypical penchants set by society, but according to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), men are much less likely to be proactive about their health. They often keep symptoms to themselves or ignore them, setting the stage for more health problems to develop.

4 Naturally Derived Ingredients that Benefit Your Heart

There are many ingredients derived naturally from plants that can be a beneficial addition to your healthcare routine. Cardiac Glycosides, Antioxidants, B-Vitamins, and Vitamin C fall into this category. Each of these can improve your health and give you the preventative care you need.

Cardiac Glycosides:

The Effect of Aging on the Heart

As we age, there are certain bodily functions that begin to weaken, especially concerning blood flow to the heart. There are some conditions that may be unavoidable through the aging process, which is why preventative care is so important.

5 Ways to Improve Living with Heart Disease

Living with heart disease can be stressful and difficult, but there are measures you can take to reduce further damage and improve your quality of life. In honor of World Heart Day take time to consider how your choices are impacting your overall heart health.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

10 Foods That Can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of people around the world. There are many steps you can take to prevent this and one of them is a diet change. Here are 10 foods that are known for their healthy properties to strengthen your body and your heart!