Do you provide ambulance services? And if so, are they available to the general public?

We provide island wide ambulance services to all Barbadians and visitors. To book the ambulance service or for emergency assistance, contact our PBX at the number provided. In the event of an emergency our trained emergency personnel will respond promptly, and aim to provide safe, friendly and efficient services.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

Please bring a valid ID and your insurance information. Also if this is your first time at The Sparman Clinic please bring any documents relating to your medical history.

When are visiting hours?

The visiting hours for The Sparman Clinic are from 11AM- 1PM and 4PM-8PM

What should I bring if I’m being admitted?

It is recommended that you bring only your necessities i.e toiletries and additional clothing. Cell phones and additional forms of personal entertainment are allowed.

Can members of the public fill their prescriptions at the DASAE Pharmacy?

Apart from inpatients and outpatients, DASAE is here to serve members of the public. We fill prescriptions, provided over the counter items and other healthcare accessories.

Do I have to use DASAE Pharmacy?

No, you are not required to use DASAE Pharmacy. If there is another pharmacy that you frequent, or if you are an overseas patient, feel free to have your prescription filled at the location of your preference.

Billing and Insurance Guidelines

The Sparman Clinic staff is committed to ensuring that each patient has a pleasant experience when accessing services at the clinic; from which billing and payment are not exempt.


Here at The Sparman Clinic we support patients’ desire to utilize health insurance when making payments for the services provided. At present we make provisions for and accept the following insurance providers.

Medical Traveler’s <span>Responsibilities</span>

Just as medical travelers have a reasonable right to expect certain terms and conditions from providers and other medical travel partners, they also, for the sake of their good medical outcomes, have certain responsibilities and obligations when electing to receive medical care and treatment outside their own country.

Doctors and patient care managers rely on medical travelers to be forthcoming, truthful, mindful and compliant. When they are not is when many of the problems begin.