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The Effect of Aging on the Heart

As we age, there are certain bodily functions that begin to weaken, especially concerning blood flow to the heart. There are some conditions that may be unavoidable through the aging process, which is why preventative care is so important.

As the heart is a muscle, there is some degeneration of the tissue that comes with age. There is also a chance that the valves that push blood through the heart become stiffer, also known as arteriosclerosis, which can lead to heart murmurs. The lack of elasticity of the blood vessels means that the pumping of the heart is not as quick or relaxed and this may lead to a rise in blood pressure.

Blood vessels and the blood itself also go through changes with age. Baroreceptors within the heart monitor blood pressure and can become less sensitive with as we age. This may result in losing the ability to compensate for the loss of pressure and cause dizziness.

Production of red blood cells within the blood can also slow in production, creating a slower response to blood loss.

While there are some changes in the body that are expected, a significant number of heart issues that occur in the twilight years. Certain lifestyle choices can increase or reduce your risk of heart disease.

A common type of heart disease is atherosclerosis, where fatty deposits in the arteries impede blood flow. This is due to unhealthy habits such as eating foods high in fat or sodium as well as living a sedentary lifestyle. Combined with other potential factors such as overconsumption of alcohol, smoking, or concurrent diseases such as diabetes, can put you at serious risk for stroke or heart attack.

The best way to prevent heart disease, and slow the effects of aging on your heart, is to adopt a healthy routine that includes the consumption of essential nutrients, a low sugar and fat intake, as well as an exercise regimen that includes plenty of cardio! The more you can do now, the better you will feel down the road!

The Sparman Clinic is dedicated to raising awareness about the risks of heart disease and how to improve your quality of life. We care about our patients and know that heart health is a number one priority to living a long, full life!